Hi and welcome to Maverick Farm Livestock.

We're a family run farm which is situated in the heart of Petworth, UK.

We pride ourselves on giving our sheep the very best lives and they are organically raised. We believe organic is good and anything that helps the Earth and gives us and our sheeps a happy, healthy life is good. We're also hugely into our conservation and tree planting.

Our flock of sheep are of the Welsh Badger Face breed.

The Badger Face sheep comes from the hills and valleys of Wales and have distinctive badger-like markings on their face (hence the name!).

This breed of sheep comes in two colour variations: Torddu and Torwen. The Torddu variety is mainly white in colour with a black belly and throat with black markings above its eyes. On the other hand, the Torwen variety is almost opposite: it is mainly black in colour with a white belly.

We keep the Torddu variety of the Welsh Badger Face sheep here at Maverick Farm.

If you'd like any more information on us, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.